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We run a 2-week Course for Teachers in August each year and at other times by arrangement for closed groups.
Availability: July 30th to August 10th, 2018 and by arrangement
Level: A2 Pre-intermediate to C2 Proficient
Maximum Class Size: 12
Minimum Age: 21

2019 - 23 hours of Teaching Methodology & English per week

Course dates 2019: 29/07/19 - 09/08/19

2019 price: £445 per week

Lesson times:

Lesson 1: 09.00 - 10.30


Lesson 2: 11.00 - 12.30


Lesson 3: 13.30 - 15.30

We run a 2-week Course for Teachers in August each year and at other times by arrangement for closed groups. The content of these group courses depends to a large extent on the requests expressed in the needs analyses forms of the participants. A typical lesson mix would be: advanced language lessons in the morning to develop the teachers' confidence in dealing with questions about English structure, phonology and use, followed by methodological sessions in the afternoon where different approaches, materials and teaching techniques are introduced and practised.

We offer two-week courses aimed at qualified and more experienced ESL/EFL non-native speaker teachers who are looking to reach the next step in their development (diploma level and beyond). Drawing on some of the newest approaches to language, teaching and learning, the course aims to be practical, engaging and enjoyable to a range of teachers in a range of teaching contexts. Trainees should leave with a wealth of new ideas, a procedural knowledge of how to carry out these ideas and a renewed enthusiasm for their role and an appreciation of how they can affect positive change in their students. Course details are available on request - please write to

Applicants for our TESOL: Methodology, Approaches & Resources course may be eligible for Erasmus+ funding for these courses. More course details can be found on the Erasmus+ website. The school's Erasmus+ personal ID code (PIC) is 934590442.

We have an established record providing Courses for School Teachers (Primary, Secondary & High School): here participants take part in General English classes in the morning and a closed group in the afternoons. Morning classes aim to increase the participants’ confidence in using English in a classroom situation and improving their command of the language. The morning classes deal with grammar and lexis and the emphasis is on the skills of speaking and listening.

Afternoon lessons are for teachers only and have a practical, hands-on, methodological content where participants are presented with a wealth of ideas, activities and approaches regarding the teaching of English to young learners. These ideas will also be put into practice during the lessons so teachers can familiarise themselves with the activities involved and how they are set up and adapted in the classroom. Before they start the course, trainees are asked to complete a needs analysis form and a course focus form so we can devise the best possible training programme for each group of trainees. Whenever possible, visits are arranged to a local Primary or Secondary School where participants have the opportunity to observe classes and discuss approaches and aims with teachers and the headmaster or headmistress.


"The Inspection académique de Seine et Marne have sent primary school teachers to The Devon School of English since 1996. During all these years we have appeciated the seriousness of this language school. The Devon School have been able to deal with our demands for the benefit of all the teachers we sent to Paignton. The returns have always been excellent and we keep sending small groups of teachers willing to improve their English and to discover English culture."

Pascal Brunet, Conseiller Pédagogique Départemental en Langues Vivantes,

Inspection académique de Seine et Marne


We can also organise, by arrangement, Other Courses for Teachers. In the past these have included a Course for BEC Teachers, a Course on Teaching Literature and Courses for the Swiss and Chinese Education Authorities. Let us know about your own particular needs by contacting us.

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