The Directors

Bret Hawthorne

Academic Director

I studied at Cambridge and then went to Italy where I ran an English school for almost 20 years. I came back to England in 1999. I became the Academic Director in 2002. I am responsible for the teaching side of the school as well as recruiting adult school teachers. I also help with the marketing and promotion of the school overseas.

Hobbies & interests: Art, architecture, jazz, classical & world music, reading, writing, tennis, swimming, travelling and being with my family.

Favourite place in Devon: Blackpool Sands

Favourite books: 'Agatha Christie's Devon' and 'Daphne du Maurier's Cornwall', seriously... 'East Of Eden' by John Steinbeck

Favourite film: 11:14 and 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Favourite English food: Chinese